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Pure Raw Honey 8oz


8oz. container of raw natural honey from the Tampa Bay Area.

Honey Net Wt. 8.5oz/240g

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This is local Tampa Bay Florida Honey. jBee Honey bees are allowed to find whatever wildflowers they find tasty.  This means they are happy and “Busy Bees”. In return, you’ll be happy with our Honey. Because Busy Bees Make Tasty Honey.  This is pure raw honey straight from the hive.

This package contains One 8oz. plastic container of raw honey.

Our raw honey is unpasteurized and never heated above 105 degrees to ensure it always stays raw. This preserves live enzymes and yeasts present in the honey.

This is raw unfiltered honey that retains the pollen you expect from raw honey but, may crystallize more than you are used to in commercial honey.

Please note that real raw honey WILL settle over time and you will see liquid sucrose above firmer honey crystals. This is normal. Just stir your honey to mix it again!

And remember, NEVER give honey to infants under 1 year of age!

Honey Net Wt. 8.5oz/240g

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