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Jay Tsultim


Age: 60
Experience: 60 years
Specialization: Most Things In Life

    About Me

    I started jBeeHoney because it was the right thing to do. It helps the environment, it helps educate people about the necessity of the bees. It also is a lot of fun. Beeing out with the Bees is almost meditative. You really have to let go of all your stress because the bees can pick-up on it. This is an on going journey and I invite all you out there to join me on it.


    After a career as a Firemedic. I am now giving back and helping teach the next group of EMS professionals start their journey in this wonderful profession.

    After a career as a Firemedic. I am keeping my patient contact skills up to date working in Health Services at Busch Gardens. I also get to participate with the zoo when they immobilize any of their hoof stock for medical procedures. I also have printed 3D prosthetics for some of their injured animals. Plus I have printed a number of other medical devices for staff to use with their other animals.

    The last twenty years I have been a Firemedic for a local fire department and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Since the age of 10 I have been tinkering and programing computers. Later in life I worked as a Web Programmer, Database Programmer and Computer Consultant.


    Cafe Waiter 90%
    Coffee Maker 75%
    Barista 53%
    Manager 61%